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08.09.2019 Our new kits TM35904 1/35 German Flat Wagon Ssyl  is now available



10.7.2019 Our new kits TM35400 1/35 Russian ChTZ S60 Stalinetz  is now available



14.5.2019 Our new kits TM35006 1/35 US Crawler SIXTY  is now available


14.3.2019 Our new kits TM35207 1/35 British Scammell Tank Transporter Late Goose Neck and TM35208 British Scammell  Late Goose Neck Trailer  are now available



7.11.2018 Our new kit 1/35 German  APV Katzchen  is now available


20.9.2018 Our new kit 1/35 German Gedeckter Guterwagen Gr  15t  is now available

02.09.2018  Here more details about 1/72 and 1/48 scale kits from us.
1/72 Case VAI Tractor (military and civilian variants) coming soon.
1/72 Case VAC Tractor (civilian with farming accessories)coming soon
1/72 Scammell Pioneer Recovery Tractor SV/2S winter 2018
1/72 Scammell Artillery Tractor R100 early 2019 (Nuremberg Fair)
1/48 Case VAI tractor (military and civilian variants) winter 2018


1/35 British 7.2 Inch howitzer build review by DutchModeling





Thunder Model Scammell Pioneer "Triple build" video review by Nigel: