Our new kits are now available, TM35308 1/35 LRDG F30 Wireless Truck TM35213 1/35 Bofors 37mm Anti - Tank Gun,    and  TM35309  1/35 LRDG F30 Wireless Truck Bonus Edition will be released in early July
Our new kits are now available, TM35306  1/35 LRDG F30 Gun Truck TM32004 1/32 US Tug Clarktor 6 Mill-44   and  TM35307  1/35 LRDG F30 Gun Truck Bonus Edition will be released in early April 

Our new kits are now available, TMF35001 1/35 LRDG Crew 1, set of 3 highly detailed resin figures and  TMF35002 1/35 LRDG Weapon Set 1,  3D printed highly detailed set of weapons usually used in LRDG service
Our new kits are now available, TM32002 1/32 US Army Bomb Trailer Mark 2 TM32003 1/32 US Tug Clarktor 6 Mill-33 with Mark 2 Bomb TrailersTM35304  1/35 LRDG F30 Patrol Truck and TM35304  1/35 LRDG F30 Patrol Truck Bonus Edition
Our new kits are now available, TM35210 1/35 British Morris Bofors C9/B Early and TM32001 US Tug Clarktor 6 Mill-33 as our first attempt into 1/32 aircraft scale, and we believe that this little but powerful tug would compliment any WWII aircraft dio
Our new kits are now available, TM35105  1/35 German Bergepanzer Hetzer  Late with 2cm Flak (standard and bonus edition with additional full engine compartment and bonus PE mudguards and side skirts) and TM35106 1/35 German Bergepanzer Hetzer  Early with 2cm Flak 
Our new kit TM35209 1/35   British Morris Bofors C9/B Late   is available after Chinese New Year Holiday. Happy New Year everyone!
Our new kits TM35007 1/35 US Army Armored Tractor and TM35212 British Scammell Pioneer Artillery Tractor R100 with 7,2inch Howitzer   are now available
We apologize to our partners, customers and friends for the unwanted break we had to take due to the Corona pandemic, business and personal matters that required to be sorted out. Right now we have a lot of news and we will be updating our website and other channels shortly. Thank you all for your support, patience and cheer ups during the hard times
08.09.2019 Our new kits TM35904 1/35 German Flat Wagon Ssyl  is now available
10.7.2019 Our new kits TM35400 1/35 Russian ChTZ S60 Stalinetz  is now available

14.5.2019 Our new kits TM35006 1/35 US Crawler SIXTY  is now available



14.3.2019 Our new kits TM35207 1/35 British Scammell Tank Transporter Late Goose Neck and TM35208 British Scammell  Late Goose Neck Trailer  are now available


7.11.2018 Our new kit 1/35 German  APV Katzchen  is now available

20.9.2018 Our new kit 1/35 German Gedeckter Guterwagen Gr  15t  is now available
02.09.2018  Here more details about 1/72 and 1/48 scale kits from us.
1/72 Case VAI Tractor (military and civilian variants) coming soon.
1/72 Case VAC Tractor (civilian with farming accessories)coming soon
1/72 Scammell Pioneer Recovery Tractor SV/2S winter 2018
1/72 Scammell Artillery Tractor R100 early 2019 (Nuremberg Fair)
1/48 Case VAI tractor (military and civilian variants) winter 2018


29.7.2018  Website updates, added 2 new kits in progress, Instructions and building tips page, where you can download PDF instructions for all our kits and find some useful tips, photos and references for new kits from now on, and we also added more build images for recent releases.

21.7.2018 Our new kit 1/35 US Military Motorcycle Indian 741B is now available

15.6.2018   Our new kit 1/35 German Gedeckter Guterwagen is now available, details here

16.5.2018   Our new kit 1/35 British 7,2 Inch Howitzer is now available, details here

2.4.2018   TM35201 1/35 Scammell Pioneer SV/2S Recovery Tractor is now available. TM35211 British 7,2 Inch Howitzer and 
16.2.2018 We had excellent time at Nuremberg Toay Fair 2018, thank you all who visited our stand. We introduced our new TM35201 Scammell Pioneer Recovery Tractor SV/2S that will be available right after our New Year holiday. We also introduced a couple of new kits in Nuremberg, here is a couple of images
5.1.2018 TM35202 1/35 Scammell Pioneer Heavy Artillery Tractor R100 is now available. TM35201 Scammell Pioneer SV/2S Recovery Tractor will be introduced at Nuremberg Fair in late January
13.12.2017   Scammell Tank Transporter Radiator replacement
You can now order  radiator part A1 with enhanced detail for early batch of 1/35 Scammell Pioneer Tank Transporter and TM35204 1/35 Scammell Pioneer TRMU 30 Tractor. Before you do, please check your kit, it may be already included in it, if purchased recently. More details here
26.11.2017  Due to a printing error in first batch of  the Assembly instructions for TM35200, TM35204, step 21, the front wheel assembly would not be possible as shown, the pattern would not align, you simply need to switch parts E30 with E28, please refer to the image below. Our apologies for a little trouble, most of you seem to have this sorted  using common sence, also our thanks to the customer that let us know.



24.10.2017  Tank transporter TRMU30/TRCU30 orders have been sent out, and we are working hard to finish our Scammell Pioneer Heavy Artillery Tractor now, we will show you sprue images and more soon

31.8.2017 Thank you all for your patience, our Tank transporter TRMU30/TRCU30 is almost ready and we will be shipping the kits  to our distibutors very soon. Full set of build images will be shown in following days

21.8..2017 First sprue images added for Scammell Pioneer tractors, more to follow shortly. Tank transporter TRMU30/TRCU30 is finishing production and will be available very soon, followed by Artillery Tractor and Recovery Tractor

19.7.2017 Our 1/35 Scammell  Pioneer Tank Transporter is approaching very fast now, and we will share soon test build images and all details about the kit and other variants we have coming.  For starters we have added images of our upcoming Scammell Pioneer Heavy Artillery Tractor  R100 that will follow soon after the Tank Transporter

8.6.2017  More details (sprue images) added to our Scammell Tank Transporter page

10/2/2017 More news added to our products page

22/1/2017   Bergepanzer 38 Hetzer Late molds will be tested soon after our New Year holidays and the kit will be available in late February or early March. Bergepanzer 38 Hetzer Early variant without blade, with early wheels and other assemblies will be released in late March or early April. More news to be announced after our holidays!

24/12/2016  Merry Christmas and Successful, Healthy New Year 2017 we wish everyone! Thank you all for your support!

23/12/2016  TM35003 our new kit under development is US Military Motorcycle Indian 741B

22/11/2016  We have been very busy recently, we have attended a couple of major hobby shows and  our new TM35002 US Army Loader kit is being tested and will be available soon

9/12/2016  TM35002 kit is now in production and will be ready for shipping next week. We have finished a few test builds and now we work on the  production sprues build that will be shown in new Gallery.
27/10/2016  TM35901 our new kit is under development now, to be released this winter,  German Gedeckter Guterwagen 

22/9/2016  TM35001 kit is now in production and will be ready for shipping first week in October. We have finished a few test builds and now we work on the  production sprues build. The images of the finished and painted model will be added to our website next week. Thunder Model will also attend SMC show Eindhoven Netherlands, where you can see our first released kit in person. Distributors section will be updated next week as well, so you can find out  where to buy

11/9/2016  While our first kit 1/35 US military tractor Case is almost ready to take a road to you, we have placed into production advanced US subject - Case Loader, a tractor upgraded with the Hough Payloader assembly.  Estimate availability in late October

29/8/2016  Now we are working hard to approach hobby distributors worldwide introducing our kit range. Thank you all for your emails and interest, we try to reply all your important messages.

 26/8/2016   Still under development, but more to come up in following days                      

25/8/2016   First details about our upcoming products added!!