BL 7,2 Inch Howitzer
The BL 7,2 inch howitzer was a heavy artillery gun  used by the British Army throughout World War II.                          .  
From 1940 the World War I era BL 8-inch howitzers were re-lined to 7.2 inches (180 mm) and the old carriages were 
retained although the original steel rimmed wheels were replaced with new balloon tyre wheels. The new four charge 
ammunition increased the range to 16,900 yd (15,500 m), but when fired  the recoil caused the weapon to rear violently 
and jump backwards. To help eliminate this, ramps were placed behind the wheels.                                   . 
The  Scammell Pioneer Artillery Tractor R100 was usually used as a gun tractor for the 7,2-inch howitzer in the early war 
- 140 plastic parts (sprues A,AB, 2xC) with slide molded details
- plastic molded tyres
- PE detail sheet
- basic ammo and artillery equipment included in the kit + decals
- it can be easily mounted behind Scammell R100 Artillery tractor or displayed on its own
Due to a printing error,  early batch of the kit instructions have a missing image in assembly step 5, please refer to correct image here: