US Army Bomb Trailer Mark 2 Mod.1

The bomb trailer Mark 2 was a low-slung, heavy type trailer with a central bomb cradle for bombs up to 2000 lbs type.  Bombs were held in the cradle by a load binder chain with an eccentric tightener. The trailers were used to position bombs under airplanes when there was a little space between the fuselage and the ground. A loading ramp stored under the trailer was used when the bombs were loaded by hand from the ground. These trailers were attached for towing to Bomb trailers Mark 1 or Mark 3 or to bomb service trucks or cargo trucks and tractors                                                                     . 
Bomb trailers Mark 2 Mod.1 and Mark 2 Mod.2 were identical. 
- 4 plastic sprues with 50 parts
- PE detail sheet
- 2 decal options